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FMV is a civil authority under the Ministry of Defence and provides the Swedish military with needed defence materiel and services

Project description – Substitution
Together with the FMV environmental team, Goodpoint has conducted a mapping of chemical products used in the FMV operations. This was done in order to identify included substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, allergenic or toxic to reproduction. The mapping was conducted using available lists containing high-risk substances according to legislation, such as Reach, and compared to substances included in products used in FMV operations. Defence sector criteria for chemical products and goods were also used in the analysis. A substitution strategy was developed based on the results from the project, which supports FMVs contribution to the national environmental quality objective “A Non-Toxic Environment”.

Project description – Modules for sustainable procurement of goods and services
Goodpoint was assigned the project to establish new relevant environmental procurement requirements for procurement categories such as chemicals, vehicles, spare parts and building material. Requirements are based on the good’s/service’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle.
The aim of the project was to provide procurement strategists with information and material to facilitate the process of posing procurement requirements, in order to decrease environmental impact from FMV operations.


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